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Proper Brats (Bratwursts)
Proper Brats (Bratwursts)

Proper Brats (Bratwursts)

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Ingredients: Beef, pork, cream, water, salt, spices, garlic. 

Preservatives: Sodium Nitrate, sodium nitrite. 

Richard Bosman was the self-proclaimed king of bacon until we came along and he had to abdicate the throne! Actually it’s never been a competition and we appreciate the friendship and encouragement he’s given us over the years.

Richard, like me, has been fortunate enough to turn his passion into a career – and he’s made a great success of it.  He uses the best quality pasture reared pork and other fresh meats and creates arguably the country’s finest charcuterie with two main ingredients: salt and time. We have been a fan of his for years and we’re stoked to finally stock some of his delicious cured meats here.